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Jac S-Coil (pack of 5)


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In need of some replacement coils for your s-tank?  Look no further.

  • Supplied in packs of 5.
  • Suitable for use with the S-17 and S-22 tanks.


If you prefer a direct lung vape instead of mouth to lung, these DL coils are what you need. Wicked with organic cotton for superior flavour and performance, these DL coils are the ideal choice if you’re interested in trying sub-ohm vaping.

Direct lung vaping is becoming increasingly popular, thanks primarily to the growing interest in sub-ohm. While not quite as natural an action as smoking a tobacco cigarette, direct lung vaping doesn’t take much practice to master. Rather than drawing first into the mouth, then again into the lungs, direct lung vaping involves one direct pull straight into the lungs, which is accomplished thanks to the airflow of the coil being used. As this method involves much more airflow, it results in a far higher volume of vapour – great if you’re a bit of a cloud chaser.



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