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pocket-colorAs with all of Aspire’s top of the line products, the PockeX Kit is constructed with the finest available materials. The entire body of this masterpiece is fabricated using a special aluminium-zinc metal alloy blend. The combination of materials produces solidity, resilience and corrosion-resistance, while remaining surprisingly light weight. The integrated tank is furnished with a 2ML Pyrex  reservoir, which is entirely resistant to the acidity contained within e-juice. As such, the Aspire AIO PockeX’s tank will not only last substantially longer than a plastic one, but will also provide for a substantially cleaner, purer, and truer taste from your e-juices.


One of the  focal points considered when designing the Aspire  PockeX Kit was to create a convenient and hassle-free user experience. To help achieve this goal, Aspire’s talented engineers configured the tank so that it can be filled directly from the top without the needs to unscrew it from the battery. By simply detaching the top-cap, you can effortlessly add liquid while concurrently eliminating the possibility of spills or leaks.

Similarly, the  PockeX’s atomizer coil can be removed and replaced from the top as well. This is not only fantastic from a convenience perspective, but it also allows the e-juice reservoir to be designed in a cup-style formation, thereby virtually eliminating the possibility of dreaded leaks that are experienced with many other tanks on the market today. The top-positioned atomizer coil is also beneficial, as it helps channel a consistent flow of air directly through the chimney and into the mouthpiece, thereby enhancing flavor intensity.

The Aspire AIO PockeX Kit is smartly powered by an integrated internal 1,500 mAh lithium-ion battery, which can be charged with the included cable without the need to purchase an external charging device. The device’s battery is capable of manufacturing 18W to 23W of power, and is powerful enough to last you through the day prior to needing a recharge. The standard USB charging cable is very versatile, and allows you to plug your AIO PockeX into a computer, wall adapter, power bank, car adapter, or any USB port capable of producing a charge.


If you are looking for a well-performing, trouble-free, easy-to-use, electronic cigarette device that is capable of delivering a wonderful vaping experience, the Aspire AIO PockeX Kit is the perfect choice for you.



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