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K1 Aspire Tank


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The K1 Bottom Vertical-Coil (BVC) Glassomiser  Equipped with the new Aspire BVC Atomiser coil, the K1 is one of the finest devices to hit the market as of late. Designed to fit seamlessly with standard eGo size batteries, the Aspire K1 holds 1.5ml of fluid.

Great design – the Aspire K1 Glassomiser can be fully dis-assembled, making it extremely easy to clean and maintain. The removable drip tip allows you to use any 510 size drip tip. This is a nice feature as you can customise to use various drip tip,  such as plastic for those who are not fond of metallic ones.

The Aspire K1 also boasts a Pyrex glass tank, which is another wonderful and important feature of this phenomenal new device.

However, the most brilliant  feature of the Aspire K1 is that it comes furnished with the new Bottom Vertical-Coil Atomisers. These new coils are brilliantly designed with a ceramic wick, making them last much longer and also provide much richer and more flavour regardless of the e-liquid being used. In addition, these new Aspire BVC coils create incredible vape clouds, able to satisfy even the most advanced vapers.

If you fancy an upgrade from the standard C5 or Evod this would be the perfect tank for you 🙂


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